What others say about Methylene Blue & Just Another Girl

"Just occasionally, an album comes along where almost from the first note the music just reaches out, wraps itself around you and reaches deep into your very soul. A real gem. Seek it out! 9/10 " Americana UK

 "In fact there can’t be many artists who already sound like they have more than paid their songwriting dues by the end of their second album but Methylene Blue certainly feels that way." Dancing About Architecture

"As 2017 went through its final handful of rewarding weeks, it is fair to say it produced some of its biggest musical treats, one of which was the new album from singer songwriter Jane Allison." The RingMaster 

"Jane Allison is a bright spark in folk inspired invention"  The RingMaster Review

"With a country theme throughout and with influences from Bob Dylan and Neil Young, Jane Allison provided an album of Americana sounds that combines passion, nostalgia and great vocals to boot." The Flux

"spacious and soft, yet emotionally gripping."  Rock Time DE

"It’s a clean and polished country gem hidden amidst the city smog" Bristol Live

"sounds like something off PJ Harvey’s ‘Let England Shake’." Lost In The Manor