"‘Frayed’ is a sweet second taster from a sublime album." Sistra blog

" Her flow is exquisite and laced with charisma."

"With “Frayed,” Jane Allison cements her place as a compelling and visionary artist. Her ability to craft a captivating narrative through music is matched only by her undeniable talent as a performer. As she continues to explore the complexities of human relationships and emotions, Jane Allison’s music serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration, guiding us through the darkness and inviting us to embrace our own strength and authenticity." Plastic Mag

"Jane Allison’s magical and impressive single Frayed. Jane’s voice soars over her very own brand of folk rock as the production keeps getting more and more intricate, adding new elements and sounds every couple of seconds. The final result is astonishing, a song that instantly reminds you of the best work from iconic artists like Janis Joplin and Brandi Carlile. Jane has a way of controlling every single aspect of what we hear, she is the focus and still manages to let the instrumentals shine just as brightly as she does." Less Than 1000 

"A dark and moody vibe opens this magnificent single. It instantly draws the listener in. We adore JANE ALLISON’s vocal performances, they are filled with unique charisma and charm." FVMusicblog

"Jane Allison is an artist who inhabits her own unique world, one that seems to stretch back into the past and stride into the future, a world where genres are fluid concepts and generic demarcations are there to be neatly stepped over. It's a world that you are going to love, and Frayed is all you need to find your way there."  Dancing About Architecture

"Anthemic jewel Frayed. Delving into ‘Frayed’ means entering Jane Allison’s nuanced artistic universe, a place where one can often find solace, comfort and a catchy melody to latch onto. You see, the Welsh songstress is not only a Folk authority, but she’s also an all-round creative, dedicating her life to making everyone less miserable through sympathetic art and relatable themes." Mesmerized Mag

"Allison’s vocals are the star of the show on “Frayed.” Her voice is powerful and soulful, and she delivers the lyrics with passion and conviction." Music Arena GH

"Frayed is at home as one heck of a  break-up song but i like to think of it as a middle finger to anyone who kept you down and this is the song that might  just pull you back up again." Gina Coyle music journalist

"Nos fazendo refletir ao longo da faixa, ela mostra um grandioso talento de composição lírica e instrumental, sendo certamente um nome que se manterá cada vez mais no cenário." Os garotos de liverpool

"A resplandecência pop surge no imponente refrão, daqueles com ares de arena, grudento, melódico e perfeito para ser bradado em instâncias máximas, dentro de perspectivas imediatas de absorção. Fatalmente esta canção singular de forte IMPACTO chegará aos recantos mais inóspitos do planeta, porque é realmente SENSACIONAL em seu intento! " Music For All

This is quite simply as good a British take on ‘Americana’ as I’ve heard in years; in fact it’s so damn good, you would be mistaken for thinking Jane Allison was Canadian! Rocking Magpie

 "What I imagine Jefferson Airplane would have sounded like if that had been from this side of the water and had favoured red wine over psychotropic drugs" Dave Franklin Dancing About Architecture  


"Bringing together the intimacy of Leonard Cohen with the buoyancy of Reba McEntire, Jane’s singles are emotive and infectious with lyrical depth. I can’t wait to hear the new album!"  Nicole Mendes , Nexus Music Blog

"The new single “Magdalene” has a country rock sway which comes packed with a satisfying unmuffled squelch and twinkly guitar. The voice is scrubstone-denim and mulberry wine: so it yields the aroma of brambled apple-blossom. Yep, this is fragrantly filigreed and frocked!"  Raw Ramp

 “Magdalene” serves as one of those soulful bits of balladry that truly transcend genre, proving Jane Allison to be a skilled singer-songwriter and a welcome addition to that grand tradition".  Sarah Thomas , Fruit Sonic

"What a beautiful voice Jane Allison has." Noir Rock by Edgar Allan Poets

"If you’re a fan of Sheryl Crow and/or Lo Carmen, this track will soothe your soul" Walter Price, Global Texan Chronicles

“Magdalene” is the musical equivalent of a sunny day spent next to a loved one as well as the bittersweet feeling of wishing the day could last just a little bit longer." Less Than blog, JPGChief

"Songs, if fashioned properly at least, have the ability speak through their music whilst having a second conversation via their lyrics. The art of it of course is to make sure that both musical dialogues are in tune (pun intended) with each other. Magdalene is the perfect example of just how you do this. If the music conjures the breezy, recently electrified vibe of late 60’s Laurel Canyon, the one place where the Summer of Love had actually coalesced into a community of free-thinking creatives, in turn a spring board to all manner of iconic bands, the lyrics describe exactly the sort of bohemian princess who could be found dancing through it." Dave Franklin


"Just occasionally, an album comes along where almost from the first note the music just reaches out, wraps itself around you and reaches deep into your very soul. A real gem. Seek it out! 9/10 " Americana UK

 "In fact there can’t be many artists who already sound like they have more than paid their songwriting dues by the end of their second album but Methylene Blue certainly feels that way." Dancing About Architecture

"As 2017 went through its final handful of rewarding weeks, it is fair to say it produced some of its biggest musical treats, one of which was the new album from singer songwriter Jane Allison." The RingMaster 

"Jane Allison is a bright spark in folk inspired invention"  The RingMaster Review

"With a country theme throughout and with influences from Bob Dylan and Neil Young, Jane Allison provided an album of Americana sounds that combines passion, nostalgia and great vocals to boot." The Flux

"spacious and soft, yet emotionally gripping."  Rock Time DE

"It’s a clean and polished country gem hidden amidst the city smog" Bristol Live

"sounds like something off PJ Harvey’s ‘Let England Shake’." Lost In The Manor

Methylene Blue featured on Dancing About Architectures Spotify penultimate playlist of the year