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Mercurial & brooding, lilting cowboy balladry. Haunting and pretty Americana folk, laced with a melancholic darkness. 

With her own folky blend of Americana, Jane's well crafted, catchy songs tell tales of passion, dereliction, salvation, obsession & allure. Her songs and voice alike betray substance, thoughtfulness and vulnerability delivered with an authenticity that is captivating and memorable.


Jane has just finished recording her 3rd third self penned album and collaboration with musician and producer Alonza Bevan (Kula Shaker) "Like Magdalene". Capturing the spirit, vibe & cool of a late 60's electric folk record, this collection of songs are infectious and seductive, laced with plaintive motifs of providence, dissolution and displacement that runs through like an idée fixe.

As always the Tea Rooms studios in the heart of the Ardennes,where Jane & Alonza work becomes a creative haven, fortified with esprit de corps and great quantities of tea.

"Like Magdalene" is due for release late Spring 2020

Methylene Blue

 “Methylene Blue” is an homage to triumph, defiance, the heroine, the daughter, the lover and the muse. A confession of the measure of amore and contrition.

Methylene Blue is Jane’s second self penned album and collaboration with musician and producer Alonza Bevan. 

Recorded in fits and starts during Kula Shaker’s 2016 20th anniversary & K2.0 world tour, using whatever instruments were left behind in their studio in Belgium, it also features the enchanting voice of Audrey Evans (Mediæval Bæbes) on backing vocals. 

Amidst a time of great personal loss and during unsettling world events, the Lompret studio and the songs themselves became Jane’s anchorage, a safe haven, fortified with esprit de corps and great quantities of tea.

"There can’t be many artists who already sound like they have more than paid their songwriting dues by the end of their second album but Methylene Blue certainly feels that way". Dancing About Architecture

Methylene Blue is OUT NOW

Her debut album "Just Another Girl" was welcomed with open arms and rave reviews by the Americana, Folk and Country music community in Europe, UK and the USA. 



"A clean and polished country gem hidden amidst the city smog." Bristol Live Magazine
"A soulful folksiness" For the Country Record
"Melodic and memorable songs "  Listomania
"Sounds like something Neil Young would do,..haunting & pretty in a dark kind of way. I'm a huge fan." Roman Steel Radio NY USA
"Addictive Americana." Siren FM


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