"Like Magdalene"

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Release Date June 21

"Gorgeous sonic blends of 70’s English folk revival, lush Laurel Canyon haze and Celtic cool"

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"Gorgeous sonic blends of 70’s English folk revival, lush Laurel Canyon haze, rustic, acoustic charm and Celtic cool."  

Janes 3rd third self penned album and collaboration with musician and producer Alonza Bevan (Kula Shaker) "Like Magdalene" is about to be released.  Capturing the spirit & vibe of a late 60's Laurel Canyon electric folk record, laced with motifs of providence, mercy and reprieve, it moves deftly from pastoral lilts and upbeat Americana to charming and chiming, gossamer-light ambient folk. Like Magdalene is the sound of traditional folk sonics being coaxed into new shapes, of rock and indie and blues, and even pop sensibilities added into the mix. A generic enterprise that may have started in the hippy hangouts of the Americana West Coast or the folk clubs above London pubs in the ’60s but it is a process that is still going strong today, a creative, alchemic process that turns those base musical elements into sonic gold.

As always the Tea Rooms studios in the heart of the Ardennes,where Jane & Alonza work becomes a creative haven, fortified with esprit de corps and great quantities of tea.

"A voice of scrubstone-denim and mulberry wine"

"Like Magdalene" release date June 21st 2021




Magdalene the single ~ “Imagine finding a box of age-mottled, sun faded Polaroids from the late 60ʼs Laurel Canyon, pictures of a bohemian princess dancing through the Summer of Love, well that, but in a song. Blends of understated indie, folk rock from both shores of The Atlantic woven into delicate and accessible pop-aware morsels.” Dave Franklin , Dancing About Architecture 








Upbeat bars & lightweight ditties with biting, eloquent lyrics that reveal withering accounts of doomed romance, faded dreams and dark obsessions. Heart tugging and reflective drama, oft times laced with a hope filled chaser, sweet the the taste of optimism.  With her own folky blend of Americana, Jane's well crafted, catchy songs and voice alike betray substance, thoughtfulness & a sheer heart on sleeve honesty & vulnerability that only comes with a complete baring of the soul. Authentic and diligent she is an artist utterly committed to her craft.

Methylene Blue

 “Methylene Blue” is an homage to triumph, defiance, the heroine, the daughter, the lover and the muse. A confession of the measure of amore and contrition.

Methylene Blue is Jane’s second self penned album and collaboration with musician and producer Alonza Bevan. 

Recorded in fits and starts during Kula Shaker’s 2016 20th anniversary & K2.0 world tour, using whatever instruments were left behind in their studio in Belgium, it also features the enchanting voice of Audrey Evans (Mediæval Bæbes) on backing vocals. 

Amidst a time of great personal loss and during unsettling world events, the Lompret studio and the songs themselves became Jane’s anchorage, a safe haven, fortified with esprit de corps and great quantities of tea.

"There can’t be many artists who already sound like they have more than paid their songwriting dues by the end of their second album but Methylene Blue certainly feels that way". Dancing About Architecture

Just Another Girl

Her debut album "Just Another Girl" was welcomed with open arms and rave reviews by the Americana, Folk and Country music community in Europe, UK and the USA. 



"A clean and polished country gem hidden amidst the city smog." Bristol Live Magazine
"A soulful folksiness" For the Country Record
"Melodic and memorable songs "  Listomania
"Sounds like something Neil Young would do,..haunting & pretty in a dark kind of way. I'm a huge fan." Roman Steel Radio NY USA
"Addictive Americana." Siren FM




New single “Magdalene “ OUT NOW!

"A gorgeous song, mixing musical elegance with lyrical eloquence"  Dave Franklin  


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Like Magdalene"

New Album

Release date June 21st